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  • Stephan Voss

After Work Seminar „A replication crisis in methodological statistical research” on 24 November 2021

The PSPH After Work seminars intent to connect junior and senior scientists with a multidisciplinary background to discuss current topics relevant for researchers.

The next webinar in the series on Wednesday, 24 November 2021, 6-7 pm, will cover the current replication crisis in methodological statistical research. Prof. Dr. Anne Boulesteix from the IBE at LMU Munich will give a short impulse lecture on the topic. After that, there will be room for discussion and an exchange of experiences between the audience. The event will take place in English and on Zoom.

Topic: “A replication crisis in methodological statistical research” with Prof. Dr. Anne Boulesteix

Date: Wednesday, November 24, 2021, 6-7 pm

Place: Zoom (see link below)

(Bio)statisticians are often keen to analyze the statistical aspects of the so-called “replication crisis”. They condemn, e.g., p-hacking/over-optimism, lack of power and publication bias across empirical scientific fields applying statistical methods such as medicine. But what about good practice issues in their own – methodological – research? When developing and evaluating new statistical methods and data analysis tools, do statisticians adhere to the good practice principles they promote in clinical research?

In her impulse lecture, Prof. Dr. Anne Boulesteix, senior researcher at the IBE at LMU Munich, will argue that statisticians, and more generally computational methodological researchers, should make substantial efforts to address what may be called the replication crisis in the context of methodological research, in particular by trying to avoid bias in comparison studies based on simulated or real data.

The webinar will take place on Zoom. Everyone who is interested can attend via the following link:

Meeting-ID: 981 2500 8255

Kenncode: 840368


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